In Defence of Equality


This girl lost the argument the moment she brought God into this. There is no God in this debate. This is a debate about people seeking equality and the right to honor the love they hold for their partners on an equal footing with the rest of society. I’m sure that no God is against that.

This girl’s viewpoint comes from a sheltered upbringing. What does she know about religion, family values, science, socio-economic talking points at that age? Only that which her parents have instilled in her. Her values are dictated and not enlightened.

She still has an opinion and I respect her for standing up and presenting it. Unfortunately, it is wrong, shortsighted and unfounded. I expect the children of today to foster ideas that seek to undo the bigotry and prejudices of today. I hope that this girl will learn this as she gets older and new experiences and relationships open her eyes to bigger, better and brighter ideas.



5 thoughts on “In Defence of Equality

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  2. So to continue the discussion, I think we should recenter and redefine what exactly we are debating. I am debating you saying that she lost the argument the minute she brought God into the discussion, which I believe is false. She does not lose because she bases her opinion on God, she loses because she has an opinion about something that does not concern her and because – while it is her right to express her opinion – it is not right for her to make any decisions about something that does not concern her. The fact that it does not concern her is my opinion. Obviously, she feels this concerns her because it will change the society she lives in. But that is another question. My issue with what you said is the anti-God sentiment.

    • That’s fair. I would say she is entitled, especially as a youth, to enter into this debate. These are the issues that, at least I believe, young people should be taking part in because they can alter the beliefs and methods of those that came before them.

      Yes I am an anti-theist, but I’m not promoting an anti-God perspective here. The reason why I said she lost the debate at that point is because her argument loses all traction at that point. She was doing fine with her opinion of marriage being between a man and a woman. Up to this point it is a social discussion and all opinions are valid.

      When you introduce the concept of God into the equation, then things start to go awry. We are now pretending to know the will of a supernatural being which no one knows or can prove the existence of. Bibles and other religious texts are not evidence of God, so we cannot base our 21st century arguments on things conceived before 100AD.

      Thus, my stance is that using God and religion, both concepts which are filled with misinterpretations and inaccuracies, we stop the debate from any meaningful advancement. How do you argue against a faith based position? You cannot move someone from their faith and show them they are wrong because they will outright refuse it.

      It’s fine for her to believe what she believes because of her religious beliefs. However, stating that opposing gay marriage is the will of God, as her evidence, is damaging to the debate.

      • We need to debate on how to debate with people who will just hide behind misguided and misinterpreted religious quotes to justify their opinions. It is damaging to the debate, but we cannot debate outside of this consideration, the para meteres are pre-set in these things.

  3. True. There will always be someone who invokes the name of God and changes the discourse. You see it with the guns debate and in the treatment of women in less educated parts of the world.

    Personally, I feel that opinions and arguments which are outlandish and ludicrous should be torn apart or removed. They should be addressed directly and battled, especially if they prevent advancement of societies or the achievement of a solution. If we allow them to grow, then a minority voice can become a hindrance.

    No one is saying you can’t give religion a seat at the table. It is a social concept and it has an importance in people’s lives. I find it intolerable, but that’s a debate for another day, However, it is important to express rational concerns and opinions instead of divisive and limiting ones.

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