G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review


  • An MASSIVE improvement over the first film. They got rid of all the dumb laughs, crappy special effects, silly over the top weapons, and stupid relationship back stories.
  • Strong special effects by ILM.
  • The Rock steals the show. Classical actor Jonathan Pryce clearly had a lot of fun playing the president.
  • Decent relationship between Duke (Tatum) and Roadblock (Johnson).
  • Cobra Commander resembles the cartoon. Cobra in general is akin to the cartoon (i.e. massive ideology and threat to the world). Firefly stood out as a serious threat and looked the part.
  • Ninjas EVERYWHERE! Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes are fantastic.
  • The fighting and action is intense and visceral. The fight sequence at the mountain monastery is incredibly well choreographed.
  • The Rock gets his ass kicked by Ray Stevenson. Glad they didn’t make Dwayne Johnson an immovable obelisk of a man.


  • Jinx and Flint were next to useless. Terrible casting. I’m sure they could have picked better characters from the G.I. Joe roster.
  • Who thought RZA was a good idea for blind ninja sensei? They should have gone with Wesley Snipes or Michael Jai White.
  • Not enough Bruce Willis.
  • Cobra destroyed cities in the first movie, but no one questions the president on why his security are all wearing Cobra badges??!?!
  • Why didn’t they bring back Destro? He was right there next to the Cobra Commander.
  • Music was all over the place. Dramatic action music one second, electro – hard rock the next.
  • Sometimes the action looked very convoluted. Camera was too close and too much was happening on screen.
  • Hollow attempts at creating character depth (e.g. Lady Jaye).
  • I liked the Commander, but I wanted him to sound more like a snake.

Final verdict: 3/5




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