Music Review: Device


  • Stellar opening track. “You Think You Know” really sets the album up and defines what Device is all about.
  • David Draiman. His unique voice and incredible range are on exquisite display here. His performance outshines anything he has done before with Disturbed.
  • Tight musicianship with a sludgy aggro industrial sound. Geno Lenardo’s guitar work complements Draiman’s voice, and it all comes together as a dark aural assault.
  • Deep, creative and well written lyrics which tackle a variety of topics. It is some of Draiman’s best work. The lyrics are a massive step up from Asylum, which I thought had weak and forced lyrics trying too hard to be “dark”.
  • Lzzy Hale. She carries the classic “Close My Eyes Forever” to another level. Lita Ford who? One of the highlights of the entire album. Make it a single and a video.


  • At times it’s hard to differentiate Device from Disturbed. It’s different, but Draiman’s voice is so entwined with the mammoth Disturbed that it’s hard to not make the connection. Songs like Penance and Hunted would feel right at home on a Disturbed album. It keeps Device from forming its own identity. 
  • Too short. Ten songs is not enough and they should have left the bonus tracks on the album.
  • It’s not as unique, industrial or special as it was originally made to sound. Also, the songs can start to sound a little similar. I would have liked to have seen more experiments within the album. For example, Haze is a cool track which  has a nihilistic industrial-esque groove. More experiments like that would have made the album a little more exciting.
  • Not all the guests pull it off. Lzzy Hale and M. Shadows do a very good job. Serj Tankian is irritating with his constant high pitched ” ah-ah-aaaahhhs”. Tom Morello doesn’t make much of an impact either, and his guitar work on the album is tame compared to his fiery performances with Rage Against The Machine.
  • Performers such as Rob Zombie, John 5, Manson, Jon Davis, Corey Taylor and Cantrell would have been worthy additions. Hell, Trent Reznor, Richard Patrick and Al Jourgensen could have created something special for all the industrial leanings of the album and made Device a full fledged machine. Well, at least there is a good list for the second Device album.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Stream the album here & here

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4 thoughts on “Music Review: Device

    • hahaha no i very much like SOAD. I just found Serj’s voice was to be annoying this one time. His wailing felt really out of place, perhaps because it wasn’t part of SOAD.

  1. I found Serj simply doesn’t fit the Device sound. He works really well with the wonky music of SOAD, and with his own solo work he’s absolutely amazing. Harakiri was one of my favorite albums of 2012. But the common link is that all of those projects found a bit of levity. Device, on the other hand, and especially the song “Out of Line”, take themselves very seriously. That doesn’t really fit Serj, in my opinion. The dark sound is very much not him. It’s not that he did bad. It’s that it doesn’t mesh.

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