Korn & Head Reunited On New Album!

I woke up to some fantastic news today over at Rolling Stone.

Korn have just announced that they are currently recording their new studio album with Head back on axe grinding duties!

This might not be important to you, but it is to me. I was bummed when Head left because I understood what an integral part he was to the sonic mechanism known as Korn. He was a quintessential member and his effects were duly felt upon his departure.

In the wake of his exit, Korn released some of their least inspired work, personally speaking. I refer to them collectively as the “recoil” albums – the products of a band trying to find its footing and recapture the passion and excitement that made them great. They finally broke through with The Path of Totality, which I thought was a fantastic album and a great evolution for the band and its sound. Still, something was missing…but no longer.

I grew up listening to the band since I was a teenager wallowing in the existential quandary known as high school. Their words and music gave voice to feelings which I didn’t know how to express. Through them, I was also introduced to a world of music I had never known. I’m sure there are many who feel the same way and have even more interesting stories to share about their relationship with Korn.

Watching Head’s return to Korn has been inspiring. I don’t personally agree with religion and his embracing of Christianity, but I can respect the change it brought about in him. I’ve been following his recovery, if you could call it that,  from when he left Korn to his work in India and starting his own band. I guess it was a journey he had to take to reconnect with himself and all that he held dear. As a band, Korn have been on a similar journey.

Who would have thought that at the end of their respective journeys their paths would collide once again? Well, I had always hoped he would return, and now the circle is complete. Welcome back, Head.

Here is one for old time’s sake:



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