A Map of the Bible’s Contradictions




This is an interesting one. If you know anything about religion and the various texts, then you know how many contradictions there are. Well, Daniel G Taylor has created an impressive visualization that covers 463 of the Bible’s major contradictions.  This is how you read it:

“Each vertical blue line represents a different chapter, ordered chronologically. The red arcs trace each represent a question about a specific person or concept. These range from incredibly mundane (“Is it OK to use perfume?”) to the monumental (“Is God the creator of evil?”). Clicking on one of the red lines takes you to a list of every relevant quote from both Old and New Testaments.

This Comprehensive Map Traces 463 of the Bible's Contradictions

Taylor points out that  “this website aspires to be a beautiful and interactive resource for skeptics and believers alike to explore some of the more negative aspects of holy books.” It’s quite a piece of work to behold and it is easy to get lost in the depth. At the same time, it is expected to grow as others contribute.

Of course, this is isn’t localized to the Bible. All the major religions are man-made and contain all sorts of these contradictions and things rationally minded people would consider illogical. Of course, this doesn’t stop some people from surging ahead to take the top honors of stupidity. Consider the following results from a recent Gallup poll:

bibel 2

I still find it impossible to fathom how an educated person can believe the creationist viewpoint (25% of Americans with graduate degrees). The fact that 46 percent of Americans believe this nonsense is even more scary. This means religious bastardizations of scientific fact are gaining ground. My only wish for these people would be that they visit a natural history museum and realize just how wrong they are. The facts don’t exist to diminish your faith in God and you should not be scared to embrace them.

You can learn more about the project, see a full list of the contradictions, and gain some perspective through inspired reading materials on the website.



5 thoughts on “A Map of the Bible’s Contradictions

  1. what would the planet have been without religion….band I am not talking about 20th Century and before…most of us would never have been born, perhaps including the author and his ancestors of this useless piece of misinformation.

    • Where is the evidence for this? People were around long before the judeo-christian tradition. This has to be true in order to start the religion there must be people around to start it.

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