OFFICIAL: Voyager 1 Has Left The Solar System!

Stop the presses!

Back in March, I posted a blog entry announcing that Voyager 1 was on the precipice of exiting our beloved solar system. Well, this past week scientists at NASA (gotta love those eggheads) made it official.

Voyager 1 has officially become the first man made object to escape the clutches of the solar system.

It only took the little spacecraft that could 36 years to cover the 12 billion mile- long journey. It’s sibling, Voyager 2, is 2 billion miles behind it. Moreover, the entire mission in 1977 cost $250 million. If we account for inflation, that is approximately $965 million today. If you ask me, that’s some seriously good value for money. It’s certainly better than the millions we spend on bombs that don’t provide any discernible value to humanity. These are the kinds of milestones which are truly inspirational and worth celebrating.

Here is how scientists, after much back and forth, figured out that Voyager 1 had boldly gone where no man-made object had gone before:

Here’s an image depicting the general path of Voyager 1:

Artist's concept of Voyager's distances

Here is something even more exciting. This is what interstellar space sounds like:

I don’t know about you, but I was expecting a lot more “pew pew pew!”. Still, it is fascinating. Just know that after you are long dead, Voyager 1 will continue to explore the cosmos as our emissary. It is currently headed for another star, which will take it 40,000 years. Of course, by then Voyager 1 will have perished and will be a floating beacon for other galactic civilizations.

I imagine that it’s message will be simple: We are here, and you are not alone.



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