This Is How The World Will End

It’s not news to anyone that unchecked human activity has significantly affected the climate and weather on the blue marble we call home. Scientists and experts are constantly making strong and factual predictions.  Many of these are accurate. However, none of them know how bad it could possibly get. Well, numbers don’t lie, and they paint a pretty grim picture for the next few decades.

The video above was commissioned by the UN Foundation for the launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and made Felix Pharand Deschenes. The findings in the video are based on the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change data. It uses the IPCC findings to explain the effects of the Anthropocene, the new geological era that refers to the effect of humans on Earth ecosystems, and how humanity’s actions impact life in all parts of the biosphere.

Owen Gaffney, co-producer of the video, states:

“I am sure many people assume the world is just too big for us to have a global impact. But in fact we have unequivocal evidence that we are changing the global carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle.”

This is the reality we currently live in. The future isn’t much brighter. Still, there is hope that we can learn from our ignorance and start the process to mitigate some of the damage we have caused. If we don’t , then we can expect to witness the rise of sea levels, the extinction of species, and more inclement weather patterns.

Remember: You only get one chance. There is no other Earth and there is no one coming to help us.



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