Imagine An Africa WIthout Lions

I can guarantee that this is the by far the most amazing footage of Lions and Hyenas you will ever see (watch it in HD!!!). The only thing that could probably beat it would be viewing one up close in person, hopefully not right before it bites your head off.

Kevin Richardson is known as “The Lion Whisperer”. I can’t imagine what he’s whispering to them, but the bond between them is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Still, he does what he does for an important cause.

Lions are a vulnerable species and their numbers are dwindling. Some estimates state that they won’t even be around in 20 years. As usual the cause is humans. We have infiltrated their habitats, hunted them and their prey and damaged the fragile ecosystem they reside in.

The lion is an iconic and beautiful animal across many cultures. It is in our best interest to act proactively to raise awareness about their plight. Sure we give them nature reserves to protect them and preserve their numbers, but somehow I fear that this will not be enough. If things remain unchanged and our irresponsible actions go unchallenged, then future generations will never know the majesty of such a powerful and awesome creature. 

Did anyone else find those guys in the cage hilarious while Kevin makes it looks so easy?

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An Appetite for Wonder

-Thanks to the RDFRS for the link 

“By all means let’s be openminded, but not so openminded that our brains drop out.” Richard Dawkins

Here is a beautiful video compilation of all that this wondrous planet has to offer. It also includes a voiceover by evolutionary biologist, writer, and  atheist firebrand Richard Dawkins.

I can find nothing more inspirational and uplifting to start the new year off. It’s like the perfect Happy New Year card 🙂

Let’s throw away our supernatural delusions and start concentrating on the natural wonder that surrounds you everyday.