London Reverie


The above video has been shared around the Internet ever since it came out. I’m just getting around to it now because I’m lazy and save topics to write about later. But this one was important to me for a single solitary reason: London

As far as I’m concerned, London is by far the greatest city that exists on this blue marble called Earth. The video elicited memories and emotions within me that hold a very dear place within my heart. In fact, they are the very essence of the creature I am today.

A distance of 3,300 miles separates me from it, but I still hear the whispers of London in my ear. It beckons me to reside within its storied thoroughfares once again and finish what I started. I can still recall how the air invigorated my senses and cajoled my melancholy down cultured and artful avenues. I vividly remember standing under the dizzying lights of Piccadilly Circus with my best mate as we stood in awe and inhaled the possibilities that surrounded us. We had inherited a city which could devour you if you so much as slipped. We weren’t afraid or proud. We were humbled and blessed.

The imagery in the video made me realise just how ingrained the city is in my mind. I can close my eyes and instantly transport myself back to my apartment in Pennington Court in the beating heart of the city. From there, I take a lengthy constitution across Tower Bridge and head down to the Queen’s Walk. And so on and so forth, as I retrace those footprints I left behind in the concrete soul of the city. Angel, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Waterloo, Liverpool Street and Convent Garden are not merely destinations. The Thames is not just a river. They are places of reverence where hearts were broken, love was made, drinks were had, stories were shared, and memories were forged. 

I might have left London almost 3 years ago, but its riddle still haunts me. Perhaps that’s because there are entire worlds in London that I never got to experience. I hope to return one day in a more permanent role upon its stage. Until then, London and I remain starcrossed lovers.

London: this city of dreams, this city of kings and queens. 



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