The Sound of Madness Is Getting Louder!

I had initially started Sound of Madness to act as an outlet for all the things that I considered inspiring, interesting, mesmerizing, scary, alluring, challenging and, most importantly, worth knowing.

It was a selfish endeavor started by a weary unemployed graduate. I have not strayed from that commitment and, based on the statistics that I’ve witnessed, it has been a moderately successful venture. Clearly, madness is contagious.

Today I hit 1000 views and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever visited, read, commented, shared and made this possible.

However, deep inside something told me that this measly blog had the potential to be so much more. I came to realize that The Sound of Madness is within us all. It is an ailment we all suffer from because we are constantly affected by the world around us. Madness ensues when we lack an outlet and let the demons take over. Simply put, this is bigger than one person because there are others like me out there.

As such, I would like to announce that a host of new writers will be joining The Sound of Madness, and they will be bringing with them their own afflictions and contagions to grab your attention. Watch out Arianna Huffington!

Whether you’re a casual visitor or a die-hard follower, the aim is provide you with a multitude of perspectives and stimulating  articles. We might not have the resources to stretch ourselves across the wealth of information out there, but we will always strive to remain topical. More importantly, nothing is off limits, and there are no limits.

For now, stay tuned and get involved because there is a change in the wind. Can you hear it?