Photography: April

This is the first of a new series. I will post a few of the products of my photography each month for your viewing and critical pleasure. Leave a comment either way ūüôā



Black Hole Night

Black Hole Night


Midnight Home

Midnight Home


Map The Stars

Map The Stars


Night Bridge

Night Bridge



Please Sir, May I Have Some More?

Feeling like we never have enough is said to be our generation’s biggest shortcoming.

Apart from making us behave entitled, and fooling us into thinking that every intended venture and latent ambition is just and important we also na√Įvely believe that we are the creators of our own professional destinies. As much as I wish that were true, sadly, the working world often makes us feel like nothing more than cheap, no-strings-attached labour.

The unfortunate dichotomy of our feelings of entitlement against the imposition of this corporate attitude results in, what appears to be, a generation that may never know the bygone era of 10-year and 20-year “workiversaries” and the dying philosophy of stay-in-one-place-until-you-can’t-grow-anymore-and-then-walk-away-with-a-fat-pension. We don’t have that luxury — nor the requisite patience.

Where previous generations filled permanent, full-time positions replete with secured retirement plans that appreciated off of thriving securities markets, health & drug plans, and overall stability, we get the sad, toothpick-sized end of the stick that says work your asses off for little to no pay, expect nothing but praise in return (if you’re lucky, the occasional Starbucks giftcard) and be totally fine without a long-term safety net. Of course, we’re expected to do the work of multiple people, meaningfully implant ourselves in our employer’s corporate culture, and add sustained, profitable value to the organization. In other words, all the expectations without the equivalent rewards.

Sadder still is the reality that the above only applies to the lucky few who managed to beat the stiff competition, and the unlikely odds, and made it through round-upon-round of interviews and testing to finally secure that elusive paying job. For those unfortunate recipients of the dreaded “Thank you for your application. After careful review of all qualified applicants, we regret to inform you…” letter, it’s back to the grim reality of job boards and the drudgery of

At the very least, it’s safe to say, our generation can’t be called void of perseverance.

We may suffer from being underemployed but most of us have the gift of mobility and travel (provided you have the right passport — a topic better left for another post). Can’t find a job to pay off your student loans? How about teaching English as a second language in South Korea, China or France? What about applying for an Australian work-travel visa to travel around the continent while working at bars and restaurants along the way? Or consider working as an au-pair for a well-to-do family in Dublin?

So where does that leave us? With dreams of success and financial growth, but without the immediate means to make said dreams a reality. Nevertheless, we’re a crafty generation; We’re not ones to let a great idea go to waste. Despite the limitations we’re presented with, we’re exhibiting a spirit of entrepreneurship [more on this next time] and steadfastness that will force us to redefine success by our own standards. We take strife in our stride and hope that one day will be a horror story left for our impatient and hopeless offspring.


New Music: March & April Edition (Part 1)

1. HURTS-Exile

The boys from Manchester bring their own brand of darkness with Exile. It is an album that is full of memorable and evocative tunes. A perfect marriage of The Smiths, The Cure and Depeche Mode mixed with a sinister edge on tracks such as The Road.

The album is OUT NOW!

2. Depeche Mode – Delta Machine

No introduction necessary. If you don’t know this band, then you need to get educated…quick! The most popular electronic band ever is back with a new offering that promises o expand upon their already diverse discography.

Delta Machine is out March 18:

3. Parabelle-Air

Kevin Matisyn and crew return with a brand new follow-up to their well-received, and absolutely stellar, album Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even. 

The new album is entitled¬†Air¬†and it’s currently headed¬†for an April release. You can get the new album here:¬†

4. Bring Me The Horizon-Sempiternal

The popular British metalcore heavyweights are back with a new album that brings a radical new energy and sound to the band. Heavy, smart and ridiculously infectious.

The album drops April 2, 2013. Get it here:

Stay tuned for more upcoming music and reviews in the future.