New Music: March & April Edition (Part 2)

1. Device – Device

Since the mighty Disturbed are taking an extended break, David Draiman created Device. With the help of Gene Lenardo (Filter), they created a darker project with an industrial tinge and an envious line-up of guests from rock’s. elite.

The album drops April 9th:

2. Sevendust – Black Out The Sun

One of the longest running and hardest working bands out there. A consistently professional band that never fails to impress. Black Out The Sun promises to continue that trend as the band sounds fresh and energized. It is Sevendust at their purest and most alive with a wicked mix of melody and riff-charged brutality.

The album is out March 26:

3. Stone Sour- House of Gold & Bones: Part 2

The follow up and conclusion to the excellent Part 1 is finally upon us. Stone Sour prove that they are expert storytellers and musicians as they push themselves further than ever before. Threads from the first album will tie into the grander scope of this sequel and the tapestry will be completed. This one promises to be a scorcher and it will not disappoint.

The album is expected April 9th :

4. David Bowie – The Next Day

The king has returned. The great David Bowie returns with his first new album in a decade! It’s been a long wait and the reviews for this album are stellar. The man has influenced just about anyone involved with music and art. Hell, he’s done just about anything and everything.  BBC Music said that the album was “a triumphant, almost defiant, return. Innovative, dark, bold and creative, it’s an album only David Bowie could make.” That sounds about right.

The album is out NOW!