Is This The Naked Truth About PETA?

Nathan Winograd has a scathing and revealing piece about the horrors enacted by the animal rights organization known as PETA. I’ve never supported PETA because there is a lot of controversy surrounding their actions, and I’m always skeptical of any militant movements.

The piece, which can be found here at Huffington Post, highlights and provides evidence for  the animal abuses, at the expense of animal lover donations,  and how PETA goes out of their way (i.e. threaten) to keep it all hush-hush.

What I found most unnerving was the fact that PETA does not advocate the “right to live” for any of the animals unfortunate enough to fall under its care. Did any of those celebrities going naked for PETA actually bother to research the organization before accepting their cheque?

Read the piece and make up your own mind. Be warned: some of the images might be distressing.

In practice, PETA is the functional equivalent of a slaughterhouse, while their efforts to undermine the lifesaving work of animal lovers throughout the country continually derail urgently needed reforms that would further the rights of our nation’s homeless dogs and cats.

By defending regressive and cruel shelters and sheltering policies that mandate killing, by calling for the death of certain groups of animals entering shelters and by injecting thousands of animals with a fatal dose of poison every year, these actions are not only inconsistent with the mission of an animal rights organization, they are the antithesis of one. Only one question remains: Why is anyone still donating to PETA?



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